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Expressions And Formula

L.O To be able to collect like terms, simplify expressions and write expressions with help of expert online math tutor.


Algebraic Notation

When expressing events using algebra the multiplication sign disappears.

For example:

There are 4 rows of students and each row has the same number of students We will use the letter ‘n’ to

stand for the number of students in a row.So, in 4 rows there will be 4 X n students.This is written as 4n.




6 students then come along to sit on the row, so now the total number of  students altogether is : 4n + 6.

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Writing Expressions

Example 1

1. There are b large bolts in a box and p small bolts in each packet. Samantha buys 5 boxes of large bolts.

Write an expression for this.



2.Samantha also buys 2 packets of small bolts. She uses 7 large nails and 5 small bolts. Write down an

expression in terms of b and p for the total number of large bolts and small bolts left.


So in total Samantha has 5b + 2p bolts altogether. 5b + 2p – 12 is your final answer.


Step 1:

Visualise and clarify what is going on, how much does Samantha initially have? She buys 2 packs of

small bolts. Each pack contains p bolts so in total shehas a total of 2p small bolts.


Step 2:

Writing the expression. She has 5 boxes containing b large bolts which is 5 X b written as 5b. 

Remember: in expressions the multiplication sign disappears.


Step 3:

Work out in total how many nails were used. She uses 7 + 5  = 12
Step 4:

Now simply subtracted the nails used away from what Samantha  initially had


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