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Study Guide : Straight line graphs

Learner Guide



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Straight line graphs

Plotting straight line graphs: Method 1

L. O –  To be able to draw straight lines given their equation.


We can draw straight line graphs by plotting a few points.Choose 3 values of

x and work out (using the equation of the line) the corresponding y values.

You can write these in a table. Plot these 3 coordinates and draw the line!



Draw the line: y=3x +5.

Choose 3 x values; x=-2, x=2 and x=6.


Find the corresponding y values:

When x=-2   y=3(-2) +5   y=-6+5   y=-1

When x=2    y=3(2) +5    y=6+5    y=11

When x=6    y=3(6) +5    y=18+5  y=23


1. Insert the x and y values into a table.





  1. Choose three x values.

  2. Find the corresponding y values using the equation given ( by putting         into the equation the value of x).

  3. Draw up a table and insert the x and y values you have worked out             above.

  4. Plot the three points on a graph.

  5. Join the points together to form a straight line.


2. Plot the points.



3. Draw the line.


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