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Study Guide : Charts

Learner Guide



In a bar chart, the height of each bar will represent the number of units, which

can be read off the y-axis. Bar charts are used for qualitative data.


  Example 1.

If we look at this chart, we can see that 12 people had a purple car, 3 people had red cars, 7 people had yellow cars etc.


A pie chart is used to show the proportion of a specific amount.


  Example 2.

This pie chart shows the favorite foods of 40 people.  Using that, we can find out how much each segment represents.  For example, pizza represents half of the ‘pie’ so it must be 20 people.


Pictograms have a picture which represents a certain number (you can find

out what it represents by looking at the key)


  Example 3.

This pictogram tells us how many days in each month it didn’t rain.

For example, in May, it didn’t rain on eight days. Why don’t you try to figure out how many days it didn’t rain in the other months?

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