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Study Guide : Coordinates and Position

Learner Guide


Coordinates and Position

Grids are very useful tools when pinpointing a position.There are a few main

things about grids that you need to know first.




We use coordinates to help us to find an exact spot on a grid. They are made

up of two numbers – the first number will tell us the position horizontally and

the second number will tell us the position vertically.


This is a handy phrase to help you remember which way around the

coordinates are:


Along the corridor, then up the stairs’

So, for example, if we have the coordinate (4,9), it would mean that we need

to move 4 spaces along the x axis of the grid, then move upwards 9 boxes.


We can also have negative coordinates, which would mean moving from

right to left or downwards, depending on whether it is a horizontal or vertical

coordinate – we can draw negative y and x axes for these.


Lines on a grid

1. Lines which cross one another are called intersecting lines.


2. Lines which cross each other at a right angle are called 

    perpendicular lines.


3. Lines which are always the same distance apart and will

    never cross are called parallel lines directions on a grid can

    be given in the form of compass points.

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