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Study Guide : Diagrams and Graphs

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Diagrams and Graphs


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Tables are a very simple way of storing information that we have gathered in a

neat way. However, there are often different ways for  us to present or sort that

data so that it is easier to understand or find patterns We can use different types

of diagrams to help us group numbers. Two famous diagrams that are used for

this purpose are Carroll diagrams and Venn diagrams.


A Carroll diagram is a table with headings for each column and row describing

different numerical qualities. Every number in each column or row must have

that quality.


   Example 1.

Multiple of 312, 249, 21
Not a multiple of 38, 7417, 23



A Venn diagram is made up of circles with each circle containing numbers with

a certain property. If a number has more than one of these properties, it will be

placed in the space where the circles overlap. If a number doesn’t have any of

the properties, it will be placed outside the circles.


We can use line graphs to illustrate how one quantity will affect how another

quantity changes. Measurements will be recorded as points on the graph and

then these points are joined together with lines.

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