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Study Guide : Fractions of Quantities

Learner Guide

Fractions of Quantities

If you are finding the fraction of a given number, the important rule to

remember is that you must divide by the denominator, and multiply by the

numerator. If the numerator is one (1/4,1/6,1/12,etc.) then all you need to do

is the division.


Example 1.

Let’s say that we need to find 1/9 of 54.

We need to divide the value by the denominator first.

54 ÷ 9 = 6

Since the numerator is one, 6 is our answer. 


Example 2.

Let’s try a slightly harder question – we’ll find 4/7 of £77.

1) First, we must divide by the denominator

77 ÷ 7 = 11 (this is 1/7 of our value)

2) Next, we have to multiply by the numerator.

11 x 4 = 44

Therefore, 4/7  of £77 is £44.


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