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Study Guide : Mode, Median, Mean & Range

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Mode, Median, Mean & Range

When analyzing data, there are lots of things that you can have a look at. 

The mode is the most common value to come up in the data ( think that

MODE and MOST common both start the same way ).

The mode can be used for data about numbers and items.


  Example 1.

This is a chart of the favorite foods of the all the children in a class


Burgers has the highest number of votes so it is the most common favorite food. This will make it our mode.


The mean is found when you add up all the values and divide by how many

there are. It can only be used with data that is numerical.


  Example 2.

Let’s find the mean height of three friends. Laura is 130 cm tall, Jeanna is 126 cm tall and Iman is 132 cm tall.

130 + 122 + 132 = 384 cm

We now divide this by three (there were three friends)

384 ÷ 3 = 128

128 cm is our mean.


The median value is found by ordering ALL of the values you have from

largest to smallest and then finding the middle number. If there is an even

number of values, the median is halfway between the two middle numbers.

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