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11 + Test Papers


Paper Set 1



To support CEM (E.g. ) tests

Paper 1 to page 3

Obstruct block, clog, closeObstruct means to get n the way of a path, road.E.g. Bilal obstructed the cyclists when he ran onto his path.
Yearn crave, long, thirstMeans when you long for something.E.g. I yearned for my friend when he moved to Canada.
Enemy foe, opponent, Means when you hate or want to harm someone.E.g. Jim is likely to hurt Mike since he is being threatening towards him.
Feral savage, wildMeans existing in the wild natural state.E.g. The cub reverted from a domesticated to a wild savage state
 Abundant plentiful, large, many Means a large amount or number, more than enough.E.g There were an abundant amount of fresh water in the countryside.
 Bewildered confuse, puzzle, baffled, muddled Means to be confused or baffled.E.g. Mr Dabhad was baffled what homework Suleman was doing as he did not date his homework.
 Subterranean below earths surface, operates  underground Means below the earths surface.E.g. The subterranean bunker could resist the atomic blast.
 Unorthodox irregular Means when you move away from customs, tradition or habit. E.g. Mr Smith was unorthodox in his teaching practices.