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Similar Synonyms

Synonym is a word that has the same or similar in meaning.



The word gigantic is similar in meaning to huge, enormous, colossal,


Many buildings were gigantic in the City of London

This can be written as:

Many buildings were huge in the City of London.

Many buildings were enormous in the City of London. 


Task 1: Read the sentence. Replace the words in italics with another

                same or similar word. Use a thesaurus for finding synonyms.


a. Mohammad was an adorable new born baby.

b. Maria felt cheerful after the trip.

c. The young boy was brave to save the kitten.

d. We visited an ancient city in Portugal.

e. Sam went on an adventurous holiday.

f. The glasses at the restaurant were clear.

g. Everyone remained calm as the buildings in Delhi shook in the quake.

h. My sister is so annoying.



Task 2: Write the words on the left and match them with the words on the

                words on the right.


a. Colossal                                     bright

b. brief                                            recognisable

c. aggressive                                  short

d. distinct                                         big

e. cheerful                                       nervous

f. anxious                                         threatening

g. enormous                                     ancient

h. early                                             large



Task 3: Write the words on the left and match them with the words on the



a. The British were reluctant to leave India because because they feared India

      would erupt into civil war between Muslims and Hindus.

b. The old city had a drab feel to it.

c.  Hamza won pupil of the week for his talented mathematical skills.

d.  Pleasant summers are in Spain.

e. The teacher told Faizaan to complete the important homework.

f.  The 11 plus grammar class chatted throughout the entire verbal reasoning


g. Because of the rain, the children were bored on holiday. 



Task 4: Read the sentence below. Choose the best word to replace the

               underline word.


a. The British Empire, the largest empire in history, was huge.

     immense,  important, fantastic 


b. Sulaiman was eager to pass his 11 plus  exams so that he could join his

     brother at High School.

    intent, ambitious, keen


c. Judy would occasionally complete her homework.

    always, infrequently, imaginably 


d. The Heckmondwike Grammar class were working frantically, but their tutor

     told them to take a planned, structured approach.

     forcibly, regularly, desperately


e. The man next door can be rather awkward. 

    rude, frantic, embarrassing 



Incredible Challenge 

Now think of three synonyms for each of these words?


 strange precious strange
magnificent unusual valuable
 sparkling exuberant disgusted
 mini young intimidating
 spotless fantastic disturbed
 minuscule obnoxious puny
 envious mammoth teeny
 colossal gleaming glamorous


This is our way of tutoring synonyms. You can now eat the

words and you can have a snooze!


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