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The rock style

The three main types of rocks – igneous, sedimentary and

metamorphic– are created in different ways, and can each be used to

form another kind of rock e.g. sedimentary rocks under high pressure will

become metamorphic.


The makeup of the Earth is constantly changing and this contributes to it.

If we begin from newly formed igneous rock, we can the rise a possible rock

cycle. Lava or magma will cool, forming the igneous rock. If there is

weathering or erosion, little pieces of that rock may break off and eventually

become deposited in  the river somewhere.


Through documentation and compaction, these little pieces of rock may 

eventually become sedimentary rock.


The sedimentary rock may become exposed through uplift and also undergo 

weathering/erosion to form different sedimentary or it may become pushed

further into the Earth.


Under intense heat and pressure, while it is underground, the sedimentary

rock could turn into metamorphic rock. This could also happen to igneous 

rock if it is pushed underground.

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