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There is… There are…

There is…    There are…


  • Singular – We use there is…

  • Plural – We use there are…


Singular – There is…

There is = there’s



  • There is a bar of chocolate in my school bag.

  • There is a book on the kitchen table.

  • There is man outside the house.

  • There’s a black car parked in the driveway.

  • There’s some money in my purse

  • There’s a B&B round the corner.



For negatives, we say there is not…

There is not = there isn’t = there’s not


Examples (negative):


  • There isn’t anything on TV.

  • There isn’t a cinema in my town.

  • There isn’t any snow.

  • There not a taxi service in this area.

  • There not any milk in the fridge


For questions, we say is there…?


Example (questions):


  • Is there any milk in the fridge?

  • Is there a silver car parked outside the house?

  • Is there a big tree in the garden?

  • Is there a shop near your house?

  • Is there a supermarket in this town?


Plural – There are…

There are…




  • There are some sweets in my handbag.

  • There are some colourful flowers in the garden.

  • There are a couple of tennis rackets in the shed.

  • There are a few restaurants in town.

  • There are a lot of supermarkets near to my house.

  • There are many cars parked on my street.

  • There are 20 football players on our school team.


For negatives, we say there are not…

There are not + there aren’t




  • There aren’t any drinks in the fridge.

  • There aren’t any flowers in the garden.

  • There are not many people here.

  • There aren’t a lot of children at school today.

  • There aren’t many players on the tennis team.


For questions, we say are there…?




  • Are there any good waiters at this restaurant?

  • Are there any books from the library in your room?

  • Are there any supermarkets near your house?

  • Are there a lot of children playing in the park?

  • Are there a lot of people invited to Emma’s birthday party

  • Are there 15 players on your school swimming team?

  • Are there any good deals to go on holiday?


There is and It is


There’s a DVD on the table. (not it’s a book on the table)

This movie is really good. It’s very interesting. (It = the movie)


  • What’s that noise? It’s coming from the TV. (It = that noise).

  • We’re going to Manchester on the train. It’s coming at 9 o clock. (It = train.)

  • This chicken is not nice. It’s undercooked. (It = the chicken)

  • Have you cleaned the floor? Yes, it’s sparkling. (It = the floor)



There is…     There are….   Exercises..


  1. Complete the following.


  • There is = ________________________________________________

  • There is not = ____________________________ =   ________________________________

  • There are not = ___________________________________________


  1. Complete the following sentences.


  • There is __________________________________________________________________

  • There’s __________________________________________________________________

  • There is not ______________________________________________________________

  • There isn’t _______________________________________________________________

  • There’s not ______________________________________________________________

  • There are _______________________________________________________________

  • There are not ____________________________________________________________

  • There aren’t ____________________________________________________________


  1. Fill in the missing gaps with is there…? or are there…?


  • ________________ something wrong with you?

  • ________________ any boys on the swimming team?

  • ________________ a lot of children in your class?

  • ________________ any orange juice in the fridge?

  • ________________ many cars parked in our driveway?

  • ________________ anything on TV tonight?

  • ________________ any movies playing on TV tonight?

  • ________________ a cat playing with your ball in the garden?

  • ________________ a post office next to your house?


  1. Next to each sentence, write what ‘it’ is referring to.


What’s that noise? it’s the rain hitting the window.

It =

The bus was suppose to be here 10 minutes ago. It’s late.

It =

Me and mum are going to walk to town. It’s a long walk.

It =

This homework is too hard. It’s confusing me.

It =

I left the cake in the oven for too long. It’s burnt now.

It =

I need to clean the car. It’s too dirty.

It =



Challenge: Look in your fridge and write down everything that is inside using either there is or there are.


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