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Trend: online tuition over traditional tutoring

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Trend: online tuition over traditional tutoring

An American woman, who was left school with no qualification joined an

online tutoring company to study English chooses online tutoring over

traditional tutoring to allow her flexibility.


Single mother of two, Jennifer Preston is learning maths, English and

sciences from Vipin with the view to go onto a degree coarse to Study English



“Having a flexible online tutor is giving me edge as I can look after my

children” says Jennifer.


She left a jobs as a diner assistant and has been using these services for

18 months .


Jennifer feels, “I am being led by the smartest brains. My online tutor in India

works alongside me helping me understand ideas and concepts.


“I have no regrets. I had to look after my family. So, it fits in well and taking up

online tutoring from home in maths, English and sciences has really helped

me balance study and family life.”


Online tutoring from the USA means that she can also look after her children

at home.


Jenifer Devon says studying from home allows her to look after her children,

and gives her the freedom to choose what time she wants to take classes.


But it also gives her an adequate flexible. She says she would have found it

difficult to manage learning and family life if she had to travel.


Ian Smith, takes online Tuition form Australia and says, “Tutoring is really no

longer for something for “rich” students, and Incredible Tutoring is a smart

way to equalize the help at affordable prices and because help is readily

available to students.”


Joanna Leytone says, “online tuition for USA students is cost effective

because for home tuition the teachers expected salary is  not affordable”.


An hour-long session may cost a student anywhere between $10 and $50,

depending on a variety of factors, including a student’s age and tutoring

plan they choose.


Incredible Tutoring can be can be contacted on info@incredibletutoring.com.