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Students performing

Students are given sample practice exams that are similar to the examination


This enables us to establish how well the student is performing, helping us identify key

strengths and key weaknesses and helps us focus on key areas for individual improvement.

With the assistance of parents, children taking practice tests is one of the key most effective

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ways for pupils to improve their standardized test scores!


Our Friendly staffs

Our friendly knowledgeable online staff at are here to help and we are always at your service,

Registered Centres:

33 Talbot St,

Batley WF17,

       Tel : 01924 50 60 10

Hours of Operation:

9 am to 6 pm

How to Reach:

From Tesco Phone Shop

Follow Valley Rd to Canal Rd/A6037

Follow A650, A651 and A652 to Bar St in Batley

Drive to Talbot St


          My son spent 8 months being tutored by

          Improve Tuition during which time

          preparation was being made for

          entrance exams to a local Grammar

          School. Every pick up /drop off and time

          spent by my son learning was more than

          worth it. The progress he made from the

          very first session to his final session was

          clearly evident. Suffice to say he passed

          the entrance exam!

          I would have no hesitation in

          recommending Improve Tuition to any

          parent whether it be for preparation for

          their child’s entrance exam,

          improvement in a particular area or

          improvement and consolidation on

          what they’re learning at school. A big

          thanks to all at Improve Tuition!

 any time, any day, wherever you are, Improve Tuition is always at your service!


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So how can we help your child pick up the skills and confidence at school? At Improve,

our process of getting to know your child’s unique qualities begins with your free trial.

This opportunity enables our tutors to work out your child’s unique strengths and key

weaknesses, enabling us to focus on unique individual learning needs. It is getting to

know your child as a unique individual, which allows our tutors to create  a personalised

learning platform that is designed to help your child gain confidence, enthusiasm and

new learning skills. This unique approach translates to success in the classroom. 

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