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Bradford Tutoring for Maths

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Bradford Tutoring for Maths

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We  Offers

Improve Tuition offers tutoring and support in Maths, English and


Science once or twice a week. 



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We  Understand

We understand that the national curriculum aims to fit a large amount


Registered Centres:

Khidmat Centre, 36 Spencer Road,

Bradford, BD7 2EU

        Tel : 01924 50 60 10

Hours of Operation:

9 am to 6 pm

How to Reach:

From Bradford University

Head West Great Horton Rd Towards Lasterridge Ln

At roundabout, take 1st exit and stay on Great Horton Rd 0.5 mi

Turn left onto Farnham Rd -0.2 mi Farnham Rd turns left and becomes Spencer Rd 59 ft


            Fantastic education, great qualified

            tutors and most of all it helps people

            improve with their schoolwork. I

            would definitely recommend sending

            your child there. Helped me get into

            one of the top Grammar Schools in the

            country. Mashallah.

of content into such a short year, many students struggle to keep up

with the work, which is where our tutors are able to help the pupil

and further enhance their understanding by working closely with

them, and provide extra help such as testing their knowledge on an

examination level.


Alternatively, for students aiming higher, the tutors are able to give

exceeding pupils greater challenges that will test their knowledge

and capability.


Our  unique schemes

Unlike many other companies, we have devised our own company

planner, which all pupils are advised to purchase, not only will parents

be able to access detailed notes made of the pupil during a lesson, they

will also be able to utilise unique schemes on a daily basis such as

Mathstastic, which has been developed to improve a pupils understanding

of the foundation of mathematical work.

The pupils can also stay on top of the homework given and record how

long was spent each day completing any work given. In turn, this will

allow the tutor to assess a pupil’s motivation and work ethic, hence

tackling and correcting the issue. 


Grab a FREE Trial

So how can we help your child pick up the skills and confidence at

school? At Improve, our process of getting to know your child’s

unique qualities begins with your free trial. This opportunity enables

our tutors to work out your child’s unique strengths and key weaknesses,

enabling us to focus on unique individual learning needs. It is getting to

know your child as a unique individual, which allows our tutors to create

a personalised learning platform that is designed to help your child gain

confidence, enthusiasm and new learning skills. This unique approach

translates to success in the classroom. 

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