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Why Improve Tuition  Bradford?

Thank you for visiting our website. We are confident our years of experiences


allows us to suggest many ways of really improving your child’s learning in 

MathsEnglishScience and Heckmondwike Grammar Prep. We serve all

children age between 5 to 19 years.

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Your Child is Unique so need Unique solutions 

Your child is unique, with unique blends of abilities and unique needs in learning.                                         


Registered Centres:

Khidmat Centre, 36 Spencer Road,

Bradford, BD7 2EU

        Tel : 01924 50 60 10

Hours of Operation:

9 am to 6 pm

How to Reach:

From Bradford University

Head West Great Horton Rd Towards Lasterridge Ln

At roundabout, take 1st exit and stay on Great Horton Rd 0.5 mi

Turn left onto Farnham Rd -0.2 mi Farnham Rd turns left and becomes Spencer Rd 59 ft


             My eldest son has been tutored by

             Improve Tuition. He is now at

             Heckmondwike grammar. Currently

             my youngest son is also being tutored.

             As a result it has really boosted his

             confidence and with working

             independently. I really recommend

             your child to be tutored by improve

             tuition. If you come across any

             negative reviews please ignore because

             it is not the case. There has been

             successful achievements and my son is

             one of them and hopefully these

             achievements will continue to increase

             in the future.

Our tutors understand that no two children are alike, that your child is a unique

individual, gifted with unique talents, different from other children of their

particular age. Yes, your child may share common development needs

and characteristics but essentially they are unique and so their needs are unique.


We recognise their uniqueness, and their individuality is always respected and  

this is where learning begins. Not every primary child will read at precisely

the same ability level as the other children in their class. Not every GCSE child 

will be of the same ability. Children differ. Differ in how they tackle and solve

problems in , differ in the ways they are able to comprehend reading.

Sharing different personalities—some will be shy, some will be confident,

some outgoing, some quiet but competent. What’s special is they will each

have their own life experiences and feelings about themselves, differ likes

and dislikes, interests and needs.

Learning in suitable ways to Overcome barriers

Yet, your child deserves the chance to learn in ways that make the most of their

strengths and help them overcome their weaknesses. 


Our tutors will respond to and reflect these individual weaknesses of your child.

As your child works individually or independently at home, in small-groups in

sessions, they will each benefit in their own way from these activities. We

recognise that primarily it is our responsibility for planning the activities

through which your child will learn, should know every child and keep track

of how well each child is able to learn.

” Improve’s” name is guarded jealously  by parents

At Improve, especially in English, maths or science, local parents in Bradford treasure.

The “Improve” name is guarded jealously by parents who, are often less than

keen for other people’s children to have the advantages they are buying for their own.


“You’ll be surprised

who you’ll meet here, at your child’s

first FREE trial session.”


When we take on the responsibility of your child’s education we take it very seriously.

We know you count on us, count on us to deliver  and that is why we take our

responsibility seriously to deliver the best tuition.


We’re the best Tuition provider by far

So what do we have to boast about? Since 2007, we have an unquestionable


Aslm & Hello;

Having used Improve Tuition for

some time, I can personally vouch

for the credibility and support of

the Team. My son has been tutored

by the Team for many years & I

whole heartedly believe it has made

a difference for the betterment of

His education.


When I have approached the Team

for feedback & guidance , I have

always been guided with what is the

best for My son; I sincerely

appreciate & applaud them for their

support and encouragement given &



In ending I must leave with the

comment that perhaps could help

the one’s that in disarray with the

the other reviews ;


‘Do what’s best for your child

individual needs’…Be it Tutor or

anything else …;


Keep Smiling !

(Jzk Khair & Regards )


proven track record of success in Heckmondwike Grammar passes. A record

that speaks for itself. A record we can shout about. For primary pupils, our

pupils move up two sets providing your child is regular and homework is completed.

For GCSE pupils, Ms Norat child moved up from a U to an A. The mother was

astonished. But success comes if children have a high attendance record,

complete all the homework backed up by strong tutor support. We understand this!


“Children” learn best when teaching responds to uniqueness 

At Improve, our approach to learning is different as we do not teach in the conventional

sense, of all size fits all. The Improve programme, recognises  your child will develop the

ability to learn if a unique customised approach is taken.


“Understanding the uniqueness of each child

we begin our FREE trial.”


Grab a FREE Trial

So how can we help your child pick up the skills and confidence at school? At Improve,

our process of getting to know your child’s unique qualities begins with your free trial.

This opportunity enables our tutors to work out your child’s unique strengths and key

weaknesses, enabling us to focus on unique individual learning needs. It is getting to

know your child as a unique individual, which allows our tutors to create a personalised

learning platform that is designed to help your child gain confidence, enthusiasm and

new learning skills. This unique approach translates to success in the classroom. 

And joining us is Easy!





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