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How to study for SAT Chemistry

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To prepare for your SAT chemistry, we advise you to take a:

> One-year introductory college-preparatory course in chemistry

> One-year course in algebra

> Experience in the laboratory


Any time access to our Chemistry tutors

Our young, talented and highly effective tutors have a strong understanding

of the SAT Chemistry current curriculum and the pressures you face. This

pivotal understanding motivates a perfect tutor and mentor to guide you

through your Chemistry, anytime and anywhere.


Practice Chemsitry SAT tests and get feedback from our

professional tutors

Since 2007, we have helped numerous students improve their

confidence and scores on the SAT Subject Tests. A SAT Subject

Test tutor will create a customized approach tailored specifically

for your needs. After each session, you’ll receive a detailed progress

report to track your improvement.


Tutors advice to SAT students for chemistry

Our SAT Chemistry Tutors generally recommend that you take the SAT Subject

Tests soon after you have completed your classes in Chemistry. Our SAT

Chemistry tutors will help you review topics and cover those topics you were

weak on. We’ll work on proper sitting techniques and strategies specific to the

Chemistry tests.

If you are a Chemistry student and want to sit the test even though all the topic

shave not been covered, our tutors will need more time to teach and digest the


Small or one-on-one Chemistry tutoring offers a personalized attention.


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As a parent, you often wonder: What can I do to give my child an intellectual

jump start? The answer is having online SAT chemistry help available every