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What is PSAT test?

The PSAT/NMSQT is much more than a practice test. The PSAT helps

prepare High school pupils to take the SAT or ACT and a high score opens

valuable doors, the National Merit Scholarships and other awards a

prestigious scheme which will help you grow drastically in your educational



Recent changes to PSAT Test

Since October 2015,  students are seeing a new redesigned version of the

PSAT exam. The new test will be aligned to the launch of the new SAT in

March 2016. The first PSAT exam will be in 2017.

The new PSAT is in Reading, Writing and Math. The new test includes:


> Reading is 60 minutes, there are 47 questions and the

   content skills covered are reading and vocabulary in context.

> Writing is 35 minutes, there are 44 questions, and skills

   covered are grammar and usage.

> Math is 70 minutes, there are 47 questions, 45-minute

  calculator-optional section and 25-minute no-calculator

  section, includes algebra, problem solving & data analysis,

  route to advanced math, additional topics

  (geometry, trigonometry and pre-calculus)


A good PSAT score

The highest score possible on the PSAT is 1520 (rather than the 240

previously) but nobody can be sure what the state good PSAT score will be

as it varies from year to year. So what is the the National Merit PSAT Cutoff

Scores for  Class of 2017? The answer is simple, until the College Board

releases them in April, we don’t know. 

Some analysis does indicate for the range could be 1320 to 1440

(approximately) and this will likely vary from state to state.


Opt for our expert PSAT tutors and be confident

The best way to start is listening to you. That’s what we will do! We’ll review

your academic strengths and your academic weaknesses. We will identify

your academic learning style, schedule you for your academic and academic

score goals. Then we will  match you with the best tutor and the best


Improve’s Premier Tutoring Programs include:


> Improve tutors who know the new PSAT/NMSQT inside and


> A personalized program designed to build upon your strengths

   while making significant strides in weaker areas


As the saying goes, “ Feedback is the best of champions” and is the best way

to learn and best way to raise your confidence.


Get expert tutors help in scoring good PSAT score

We tailor each program to meet the student’s individual needs. At Improve

tutoring, we provide one-on-one tutoring, a flexible personalized service that

is unmatched, tutor experience unrivaled and tutor focus that is unparalleled.

Our results are exceptional bringing to you incredible tutors and a well-

designed curriculum, which will help us raise your PSAT scores beyond your



About Us

Improve your PSAT Test Score with the help of our Expert Tutor.

As the globe’s only successful PSAT tutoring provider, Improve Online expert

tutor delivers first-class tutoring to your child. The Improve PSAT Curriculum

is designed by renowned teachers, and delivered by expert tutors who deliver

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Our learning will help you improve your confidence. This will allow you to plunge into your test and score highly on your PSAT test.


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