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How to study for the act?


Buy at least 2 reputable study books

The ACT Official Guide and the material on actstudent.org and look at ACT

book reviews for our honest opinions on the top contenders.


Learn the most  frequently tested concepts

There is only so much that they can ask you so in grammar, algebra,

geometry, trig, etc., so the questions are predictable as they pop up over

and over again.


Plan out a reasonable or study schedule

Register at least 3 months before the exam and commit each week to ACT

practice questions. It’s better to study 45 minutes to an hour a day than 4

hours all in one go. We suggest you study the ACT resources at least four

days in a week.


Identify your weaknesses and attack them

Identify your weak topics and plan to address them first rather than avoiding



learn the test taking skills

You can learn how to score highly! And understanding that making mistakes

is necessary for improvement because they help you recognize those areas

that need more work, work on them so that they are not repeated. 


Use free resources at actstudent.org

There have been many students who have taken the act test without visiting

the official website, This should be your first stop in your ACT test prep