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Affordable private online tuition in Santa Ana


Improve Tuition offer affordable private online tuition in English, maths and science for children aged between 6 and 19, from the comfort of your home in Santa Ana area.


Outstanding performance! All teachers are very helpful, kind and always show their passion and motivation when teaching students Tutors like Mr Dabhad are very rare to find because he is unique and understands why students need to improve their knowledge to become a better person in their future lives. I would recommend parents to use this service for their kids.
(Sohail M)

All you need is a PC, headset and internet connection.

Our tutors Improve children confidence

Our tutors improve children by boosting their confidence in two or three core subjects and this helps children to raise their confidence and self-esteem so they can excel in the classroom environment. We help supplement children’s school work which enables your child to stay ahead. If your child is sitting a school test we can support your child especially in specific areas of subjects where your child struggles and helping them overcome a child’s learning difficulties.

Children who attend our online tuition will find parents’ conferences with schools end up in big smiles as class teachers become impressed with the progress.

Our tutoring overcome particular  difficulties and make quick progress

At Improve Tuition our tutoring solutions are created specifically for your child enabling your child to overcome particular difficulties and make quick progress.

An initial Improve assessments allows us to establish the current strengths and weaknesses and continual assessment will allow us to adjust the tutoring to your child’s specific needs. Each session starts with work pitched to the child’s ability and tasks become increasing challenging which enables to consolidate and test their abilities.

Improve math tutors are friendly and are happy to support children in their learning, explaining difficult areas in a patient manner so children enjoy learning.

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Our Staff are Here to Help

Our friendly knowledgeable online staff are here to help so if you have any concerns about your child’s performance at school and want to offer the gift of a brighter future then fill in the contact form or email us now on info@improvetuition.org. Our tutoring programmers allows every student to realize their full learning potential, something which large classrooms are not able to offer.


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A view of a Parent

“Improve not only provides young people with the opportunity to enhance their skills for school, it also allows them to think about their potential. It gives them the chance to say, ’Look, I can do this.’ And that is incredibly powerful.” Fozia Khan, Parent,  


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Disclaimer: Unlocking potential Improve Tuition is a commitment that we’re very proud of. We know it’s not only making a difference to young people today, but to their future.