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SAT math test 1

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Expert Math Level 1 SAT tutors are available to offer support and advice on a

scheduled or flexible basis. Any questions or concerns you may have about

a topic, or question our experts are here to answer. Our tutoring experts are

here to guide you through solutions you need to get adequate prep in answer

problems and managing your test. This helps you to excel in your final Math

1 Sat test.


About the SAT Mathematics Level 1 Subject test Basics

You are allowed 60 minutes, to answer 50 Multiple-choice questions and

possible points are 200-800, although a graphing or scientific calculator is

allowed a cell phone, tablet, or computer calculators are not allowed.


Ideal for those which are entering courses with high math content you are

encouraged to take level 1 and the level 2 Math Sat test.


Math Levels 1 SAT test Topics

The tutor will teach, monitor and track your progress, allowing you to identify

strengths and weaknesses to progress through the SAT topics. These topics



Numbers and Operations : ( Approximately 5-7 questions )

> Operations, ratio and proportion, complex numbers, counting,

  elementary number theory, matrices, sequences:


Algebra and Functions : ( Approximately 19 – 21 questions ) 

> Expressions, equations, inequalities, representation and modelling,

  properties of functions (linear, polynomial, rational, exponential):


Geometry and Measurement : ( Approximately 9 – 11 questions )

> Plane Euclidean:

> Coordinate (lines, parabolas, circles, symmetry, transformations):

  Approximately 4 – 6 questions

> Three-dimensional (solids, surface area and volume): Approximately

  2 – 3 questions


Trigonometry : right triangles, identities : ( Approximately 3-4

questions )

Data Analysis, Stats, and Probability (Approximately 4 – 6 questions)

> Mean, median, mode, range, inter quartile range, graphs and plots,

  least squares regression (linear), probability:


Get lots of Practice test and review from our

professional tutors

Our tutors will set practice tests so you get to know the test format, experience

the types of tasks you will be asked to undertake and help you test yourself

under timed conditions and help you review your answers and compare them

with model answers. 


Useful tip for SAT Math level 1

It is suggested that your skills equal to college-preparatory math, including

two years of algebra and one year of geometry. We suggest you take these

tests only if you are good otherwise reconsider taking the exam in the first

place. A poor SAT Mathematics Level 1 Subject Test will in no way help your

chances at getting into your top school.


How it works :

Any time access to our experts tutors

Our award-winning online expert tutors are renowned for their interactive and

engaging approach. All you need is an internet access, which allows you to

have flexible or timetabled structured sessions. Each session, is recorded, so

you can watch any area you didn’t understand.


Proactive tutor support

You will have a dedicated Improve tutor – a subject specialist who is there to

guide and assist your learning. You can ask your tutor questions during live

sessions and receive instant feedback. You will also be part of a genuine

student community, via the live sessions and the online forum.


Recordings of Live lectures

Shortly after the Live sessions take place you can access the recordings of

the Live sessions. This means you can go back to listen to what the tutor said

if you missed something or didn’t quite understand it first time through.


Exam- focused materials

Our excellent learning materials will save you time, focus your effort and

embed learning more effectively than working through the full syllabus



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