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The “Voice of the Pupil” in ImprovingGrades

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Voice of the Pupil

Pupils can offer crucial advice on helping tutors and teachers make

improvements to their end results. Listening to the needs of the pupil,

recognizing their weaknesses the addressing difficulties by implementing the

“Voice of the Pupil” to help the pupils improve in maths, English, chemistry,

biology or physics etc can gain growing momentum across the pupils learning


Without listening to the perspectives of pupil about how their studies are,

revisions are, and difficulties are tutors might be losing out on important

pupil insights.

Yes, many pupil are interested in just saying things are ok, but as Gulam

Dabhad says, “dialogue over time tends to eventually reap rewards which

are far beyond ok. Dialogue helps pupils, tutors and teachers generate new

ideas on next steps especially when it comes to taking feedback on how

you perform against your previous assessments.”


Discussing pupil experience

Pupils can give tutors insights that can help tutors and teachers provide ideas

for improvements in teaching beyond that of they may normally occur by

simply sticking to marking books.Discussing pupil experience with doing

homework is vitally important.


He adds, “Your pupils, well they may give you invaluable insights into

changes you are making to their tutoring or teaching and its impact on



Tutors and teachers need to develop multiple


Tutors and teachers need to develop multiple mechanism that can be used to

develop a “Voice of the pupil” process. With most math and English tutors

and teachers usually starting out with basic conversations with pupils what

some fail to do is to speak to children regularly and get deep in-depth insights.”


Conducting, well designed questions and drawing up your findings is just the

start. Following up with a regular personal discussions to get in-depth and

deep insights into pupils learning, is vitally important.


Listening to pupils can give tutors ideas to make simple tutoring changes that

can save tutors time, which can be reinvested into the growth of the child’s

further learning.


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