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Is University education preparing graduates for unemployment?

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Is University education preparing

graduates for unemployment?

For many youngsters, going to university is an increasingly effective way to

prepare them for unemployment.University courses, provide an education that

suits neither students nor their employers. Significant mismatch between

course and jobs is a key reason for our outrageously high levels of youth



A report by world respected Mc Kinsey Consultants, survey showed that

University graduates are ill prepared for work once they graduate; the main

problem is University and work are very different. In the USA, half of all

graduates say they would pick a subject which has better employment

prospects if they had to do it all over again.


Astonishing, statistics show that 15 percent of US taxi drivers have university

degrees. Even worse, almost 50% of university graduates are employed in

jobs that don’t even require a degree. Similar trends to the US are found in

the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal and other industrialized



According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics only 27 percent of jobs in the U.S.

require at least an undergraduate degree and the number of these competing

for these jobs are much higher – thus leading to the number of unemployed

college graduates likely to grow over the next decade.


Is it that our nations are too hooked on degrees and maybe, should more

effort be poured into apprenticeship programs, given that we have a situation

where there are too many graduates chasing too few graduate jobs.


Whatever the answer, it seems the situation is unlikely to improve in coming years.


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