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Study Guide : Varied Sentences and Sentence Structures

Learner Guide


Varied sentences and Sentences structures

Varied Vocabulary

A private online tutor can help you build your vocabulary. Good vocabulary

allows the reader to have a good sense of meaning and accuracy.

Avoid using the first word that you can think of or repeat the usage of a word.

Instead vary your vocabulary.


Ache  → agony burn      cramp   discomfort          fever     illness    injury

Happy → cheerful           contented           glad        joyful    joyous  lively

Having vocabulary is as important as punctuation, grammar and language



Subject-specific Vocabulary

The words you use should be appropriate to the subject you are writing about.

For instance, if you are writing about  computers then, patient, carer, clinician,



Varied Sentences

When you use a range of sentences simple, compound and complex sentences

you can create different effects.


Short Use of short sentences –

Short simple sentences can help emphasis a point, provide punchy sentences

and dramatic effect.

Placing your order is easy. In fictional writing, short sentences can lead to

surprise. For instance, the light shone through the stained glass.

When shorter sentences are followed by longer sentences then they

stand out which is very effective.


Compound sentences

Compound sentences allow writers to add more ideas to the sentences,

for example:

The girls ran down the hill and their mums waved from their flats.

Compound sentences can be used to create contrast between thoughts.

For example:

We went to the theme park but we didn’t enjoy it. Complex sentences help

build up a point.

While I waited at the bus stop, I realized that the bus was late. Lists, helps to

stress a point such as:

The European currency is expensive, inefficient and unworkable. Longer

sentences –provide detail and allow you to provide useful for descriptions.


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