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Verb + preposition

Verb + of:


Verb + of Examples:
Approve of…I approve of your outfit.
Consist of…It consists of eggs, milk, sugar and flour.
Charged of…She was charged of murder
Get rid of…I told you to get rid of that dog.
Tired of…She was tired of cleaning.
Think of…I am thinking of buying a new phone.


Verb + to:


Verb + toExamples:
Adjust to…The trousers have to be adjusted to your size.
Admit to…Admit to what you did.
Belong to…It belongs to Emma.
Confess to…She should confess to her mum.
Contribute to…My teacher always tells my mum that I don’t contribute to the class.
Dedicate to…My brother is dedicated to his school work.
Explain to…Explain to me why you did what you did.
Happen to…What happened to Lily’s hand?
Listen to…Listen to me.
Married to..My teacher got married to a footballer.
Refer to…We were told to refer to the newspaper for our homework.
Respond to…Has she responded to you?
Reply to… I need to reply to Josh’s text message.
See to…See to the children.
Speak to…Speak to your mum politely.
Subscribe to…I got an email to subscribe to this new company.
Talk to…Talk to me.
Write to…I am going to write to my dad.


Verb + about:


Verb + aboutExamples:
Argue about…My sister was arguing about where to go on holiday.
Boast about…She always boasts about her exam grades.
Complain about…You shouldn’t complain about food.
Dream about…I love dreaming about the future.
Forget about…Forget about that.
Joke about…You shouldn’t joke about death.
Think about…Think about what you did.
Write about…Our homework was to write about the summer holidays.
Worry about…I worry about my mum’s health.


Verb + for:


Verb + forExamples:
Account for…Account for what you did.
Apply for…I need to apply for a licence.
Arrange for…We need arrange for transport.
Apologise for…Apologise for hurting her.
Ask for… You can ask for help if you need to.
Cater for…The people that catered for the wedding were organised.
Hope for…I always hope for the best.
Look for…Please can you help me look for my car keys.
Pay for…Pay for the meal.
Prepare for…We have to prepare for our exams.
Provide for…My dad works to provide for our family.
Search for…Search for the nearest cafe.
Vote for…Vote for labour.
Wait for…Wait for me.


Verb + with:


Verb + withExamples:
Agree with…I agree with Joshua.
Argue with…I was late because my sister was arguing with my brother.
Begin with…Let’s begin with an activity.
Communicate with…She never communicates with me.
Compete with…I am competing with my best friend in the swimming gala.
Concern with…Mum was concerned with my neighbour’s behaviour.
Cope with…She can’t cope with having a job and looking after three kids.
Charge with…The woman was charged with murder.
Disagree with…My dad never disagrees with my mum.
Help with…My cousin helped with the decorations for my party.
Interfere with…Amy always interferes with mine and Sue’s conversations.
Meet with…I am going to meet with Saarah for coffee.
Presented with…She was presented with an award.
Share with…Share with me.
Write with…Write with a black pen.


Verb + on:


Verb + onExamples:
Comment on…Are you going to comment on her picture?
Concentrate on…I find it hard to concentrate on my Physics homework.
Count on…I can always count on my mum to always be there for me.
Depend on…My aunty depends on my mum too much.
Elaborate on…Please can you elaborate on what you’re saying.
Experiment on…I want to experiment on you.
Insist on…She insisted on having us over for lunch.
Operate on…Dr.Grey is going to operate on my mum tomorrow.
Rely on…I can rely on Tim to help me with my homework.
Work on…You need to work on your manners.


Verb + in:


Verb + inExamples:
Arrive in…She arrived in a Mercedes.
Believe in..Do you believe in religion?
Dressed in…He was dressed in a black suit.
Interfere in…Why does she always interfere in our business?
Invest in…One day I want to invest in some shares.
Participate in…I want to participate in a club.
Speak in…Speak in civilised manner.
Succeed in…Hopefully you will succeed in your career.




Verb + prepositionExamples:
Laugh at…Why are you laughing at me?
Stay at..I’m expecting a delivery so stay at home.
Wait at…Wait at the bus stop for me.
Wait by…Wait by the phone. Your grandma is going to call.
Differ from…He differs from them because he has down syndrome.
Suffer from…My grandma suffers from cancer.



  • I’m looking at the garden.

  • She’s looking at the newspaper.

  • Look at the state of your room

  • They’re looking for their ball. (look for = trying to find)

  • Help me look for Dad’s briefcase.

  • Look after your brother.



We say depend on… e.g I can always depend on my mum

We can also say depends what/where/how/who etc



  • It depends what I’m doing on Friday night.

  • It depends where we’re going.

  • It depends how we’re getting there.

  • It depends who’s coming.



Verb + preposition Exercises..


  1. Fill in the missing gaps with either of/to/about/for/with/on/in/at.


  • She’s looking _____ her watch.

  • My teacher to write _____ a black pen.

  • They’ve been watching _____ 2 hours.

  • Tom is listening _____ music.

  • I believe _____ God.

  • My sister is a doctor. She can’t wait to operate _____ someone.

  • My sister always complains _____ not having enough money.

  • Samantha is waiting _____ her dad to pick up.

  • Jane is not talking ______ Ian.

  • My dad works _____ Sundays.

  • Emily no longer wants to participate _____ the competition.

  • I am angry _____ my sister.

  • My parents enjoy looking _____ art.

  • I worry _____ my brother.

  • Josh is looking _____ his car keys.

  • She needs to think _____ a theme for her party.


  1. Use the verb + preposition to create your own sentences.


  • (ask for) ___________________________________________________________________

  • (belong to) _________________________________________________________________

  • (speak about) _______________________________________________________________

  • (think of) ___________________________________________________________________

  • (waiting for) ________________________________________________________________

  • (listening to) ________________________________________________________________


  1. Answer the following questions with ‘it depends…’


  • Do you want to come shopping with us? _________________________________________________________________________________

  • Do you like eating at fast food places? __________________________________________________________________________________

  • Do you like going on holiday? ___________________________________________________________________________________

  • Do you want to do something on Saturday night? ___________________________________________________________________________________

  • Can I borrow some money? ___________________________________________________________________________________

  • Can I ask you for a favour? ___________________________________________________________________________________



  1. Choose an verb to go before the following prepositions. Then use the adjective + preposition to create your own sentence.


  • ___________________________ of

  • ___________________________________________________________________________________

  • ___________________________ to

  • ___________________________________________________________________________________

  • ___________________________ about

  • __________________________________________________________________________________

  • ___________________________ with

  • __________________________________________________________________________________


  • ___________________________ for

  • __________________________________________________________________________________

  • ___________________________ at

  • __________________________________________________________________________________

  • ___________________________ from

  • ___________________________________________________________________________________

  • ___________________________ on

  • ___________________________________________________________________________________

  • ___________________________ in

  • ___________________________________________________________________________________


Challenge: Think about the different prepositions that can go after look….. Then create as many sentences as you can using look + the preposition.



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