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WordSynonym & AntonymsMeaning
 crop harvestthese are plants that are grown on a farm.


Corn is an important crop.

 apprehensivesynonyms: afraid, anxious, nervousantonyms: confident feeling fearful about future events.


Bilal felt apprehensive about his Heckmondwike mock exam results.

 rigidsynonyms: hard, inflexible, stiff antonyms: elastic, plastic, supple difficult or impossible to bend; stiff.


Although tuition is fun, enjoyable and entertaining, the rules regarding attendance and homework are very  rigid.

 superfluoussynonyms: excess, redundant, surplusantonyms: essential, indispensable, necessarybeing beyond a sufficient amount; excessive.


This sentence is superfluous and could easily be deleted.

 nourish synonyms: feed to help to grow or improve in some way.
 transparent synonym: fine letting light pass through so objects can be seen clearly.Most glass used in windows is transparent.
 casualsynonyms: informalantonyms: dressy, formal not formal.


We can wear casual clothes in this restaurant.

 reward compensation, prize, tip something you receive because you did something good.


She got a raise in salary as a reward for all her hard work.