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11 + Test Papers

Paper Set 1


To support CEM (Durham University) tests

Paper 1a


Quiver Means to shake with a a slight motion. The branches on the tree shook in a slight rapid motion when the train went past.
Gushed Means, a liquid flowing out of a pipe rapidly.E.g. The water gushed out of the garden pipe rapidly.
Clients Means a person using the service of a lawyer, accountant or a government service.E.g. The solicitors client did not attend court.
Vaccination Means when a vaccine is given to protect your body from a disease.E.g. Ali was given a travel vaccination by the nurse. 
Vacation Means, when you set a side some time off work.E.g. Mr Dabhad went on a short vacation for a week.
Respiration Means when you take in oxygen.E.g. We breathe in oxygen to survive.
Certainty Means, when you are certain something will happen.E.g. The Heckmondwike Grammar class of 2015 prepared so well for the exam that they were certain they would pass the entrance exam. 
Immunity Means, when you can not catch a disease.E.g. Because the children were vaccinated they were immune from the disease.
Depreciating Means diminishing in value over a period of time.E.g . As soon as Zain bought the expensive car, its value depreciated by 30%.
Apportioning Means to divide up and share.E.g. The cake was apportioned equally between the guests.