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11 + Test Papers

Paper Set 1


To support CEM (Durham University) tests

Paper 1a


BiennialMeans an exhibition or an event taking place every other year.E.g.  The exhibition occurs every two years.
PeriodicMeans occurring at intervalsE.g. Owaise went to visit his Grandmother periodically.
EffortlessEffortless means  didn’t  trying hard.E.g. Sana lifted the heavy weights effortlessly
 LeisurelyMeans to do something in an unhurried and relaxed way.E.g. Zain went for a leisurely walk with his parents.
TrundlingTo move slowly and heavily.E.g. The children trundled through the water.. 
Thorough Means to deal with every aspect in detail. E.g. Detective Sumaira examined the accident scene thoroughly.
ReasonableMeans to have a sound, fair judgement. Dhanyaal was fair and sensible when sorting out the argument between his young brothers.
ComplexityMeans the state of being complicated or intricate.E.g. The maths problem was complicated.