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What are common entrance exams?

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What are common entrance exams?

Common Entrance Examinations are exams taken by children in the UK age

11 or 13; Most of the public are public schools and preparatory schools.Exams

are set and regulated by the Independent Schools Examinations Board. (ISEB)

These schools are fee paying. These schools use a common set of

examination papers. But, the marking of the exam paper and admissions is

done independently by each school.


11+ Exam Assessment include: English, Maths and science. 13+ Exam

Assessment include English, Maths and science. Optional common entrance

exams include French, History, Religious Studies and Geography, Latin,

Greek, German, Spanish and Mandarin.


Schools provide parents with more specific information about the content of

the 13+ exams. Maths, English and science compulsory exams are in more

detail than the 11+.


How important is it?

Despite its centrality in the UK’s independent education system, it is likely that

the many international pupils who want to study in the UK will not actually

have to sit it. Independent schools that have a common entrance exams are

Fulneck School, Gateways School, Moorlands School , Richmond House School,

The Froebelian School, The Grammar School at Leeds, Dale House School,

Bradford Grammar SchoolBronte HouseNetherleigh and Rossefield School. all

have Common Entrance at both 11+ and 13+.


The common Entrance exam is now proceeded by most schools with a

pre-assessment test anytime from twoand a half years to six months before

a child joins the school. International pupils sit the Common Entrance as a

final check of a pupil’s ability. Although the pre-assessment tests are

considerably more important nowadays for pupils than Common Entrance. 

Nonetheless, Common Entrance preparation remains essential for many



What is the best way for parents to prepare?

> In the years before Common Entrance preparation, there is plenty

  parent can do to prepare.

> Pre-assessments subjects cover English, Maths and Reasoning –

  verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Ensure that these subjects are

  understood and practiced from the ages 9 upwards. We suggest

  that parents encourage regular Reasoning practice at home as it is

  a subject not covered by the national curriculum.

> With competition increasing, formal Common Entrance preparation

  should begin 18 months before the Common Entrance exam.

> As well as covering the content, this preparation should focus on

  Common Entrance exam technique.


Online Reasoning practice:

> Verbal Reasoning Tests: http://www.verbalreasoningtests.com/

> BOFA: http://www.bofa11plus.com/

> Bond 11 Plus: http://www.bond11plus.co.uk/


Foundational English

> Galore Park series: https://www.galorepark.co.uk/english-workbooks


Foundational Maths

> Galore Park series: https://www.galorepark.co.uk/mathsworkbooks


If you have any questions regarding the preparation do give us a call or email us

on info@improvetuition.org.