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What are you doing tomorrow?

We use am/is/are + verb ending in -ing for:


    Present continuous:


Example:  They are cooking dinner. (The action is happening right now)




Example: They are cooking dinner tomorrow. (The action is taking place in the future e.g tomorrow, not right now)


Examples of present continuous:


He is playing tennis in the car.
I am going to town.
We are watching television.
She is reading a book
You are not listening to me.


Examples of future:


Dad is going to the supermarket in the evening.
Hannah is staying after school tomorrow.
He is playing football next Wednesday.
She is sleeping over at my house on the weekend.
I’m not working on Sunday.


When you say that you are ‘doing something’ tomorrow means you have planned/arranged to do something which is why you know what you’re going to do tomorrow.

Example: I am going to the hospital tomorrow. (This means I have arranged an appointment and have planned to go to the hospital)


More examples:


She is having a sleepover next weekend.
I am going to Tom’s house on Saturday.
We are sleeping at grandma’s house tomorrow night.
My sister is cooking dinner for us on Friday.
They are baking a cake for dad’s birthday tonight.
He is going out for his friend’s party tomorrow evening.


When talking about what someone has arranged to do you must NOT use the present simple. You use the present continuous:

I’m going to Katie’s party. (not I go to Katie’s party)

She isn’t coming for the sleepover. (not she doesn’t come for the sleepover)

When referring to timetables, programmes, trains, buses we DO use the present simple:


The bus Leaves in 10 minutes.

The program starts at 6 pm.



What are you doing tomorrow? Exercises..


  1. Complete the sentences in the present continuous.

  • I am _________________________________________

  • He is _________________________________________

  • She is ________________________________________

  • They are ______________________________________

  • We are _______________________________________

  • Mum is _______________________________________

  • My parents are _________________________________



  1. For all the sentences you have completed above in Exercise 1, change each present continuous sentence to into the future.


  • I am ____________________________________________________________

  • He is ____________________________________________________________

  • She is ___________________________________________________________

  • They are _________________________________________________________

  • We are __________________________________________________________

  • Mum is __________________________________________________________

  • My parents are ____________________________________________________



  1. Fill in the missing gap with the correct verb.


crying           having          staying          meeting          going


  • Bethany is ______________ on holiday tomorrow.

  • I am not ________________ at grandma’s house.

  • Tom is ________________ a big party for his birthday.

  • My teachers are _____________ my parents for the first time.

  • The baby is ________________ a lot


Challenge: Using the verbs given to create your own present continuous and future sentences.


smiling, baking, running, waiting, staying, loosing, leaving, travelling, committing, visiting, stopping, treating



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