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White Blood Cells

White blood cells can be divided into different groups as they have different




Phagocytes are the initial molecule released into the blood stream to tackle

the pathogens. The phagocytes ingest the bacteria or virus and then destroy

it, or the release antibodies specific to the bacteria.


Once the phagocyte has identified the bacteria, it send a chemical message

to release an army of lymphocytes which have developed specific antibodies

to fight the bacteria.


The lymphocytes works in different ways

   They bind to the pathogens and will destroy them

   They cause the pathogens to stick together so they can be easily

        destroyed by the phagocytes

   They bind to the pathogen and release chemical signals to call the




A vaccination is a kind of medication given to people to ensure that certain

diseases do not affect people.

Vaccinations work by injecting a small amount of a bacteria into your body,

so pathogens can produce lymphocytes, which are specific to that pathogen.

Therefore the next time that pathogen enters the body, we are already

prepared to fight the infection.



A bacteria strain can develop a resistance to a certain antibiotic.

Resistance occurs when the bacteria undergoes a random mutation which

allows it to survive against the antibiotic.

Because it has a random mutation not only does it survive it can also



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