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Our Tutoring Promise

At Improve, we’re always trying to look for better ways to improve your future.

That’s why we work hard in providing you with the very best tutoring that helps

you succeed in life. This commitment has been the grass roots from our humble

beginnings when our founder set off on his journey and stands sound and

strong even today. So the only way you can be assured you’re improving is a 

promise from the founder to personally check periodically each child’s

improvements and sign off the next steps.


Our Overarching Purpose

As a global tutoring company we have one overarching purpose: to tutor

families so they can enjoy and achieve. From our selection of tutors in

maths, English and the sciences, we cater to a broad array of ages, needs

and tutoring style preferences. We also keep abreast of advances in

education to determine how our company can help contribute to learning

and well-being of each pupil. Each session, we aim to offer great-learning

that students love, whilst always ensuring safety and responsibility.


Tutoring Quality You Can Trust

In order to meet the high-quality demands that we set ourselves, we perform

extensive assessment of our pupils. Qualified teachers are already involved

in monitoring assessment results  to qualify the performance of our pupils.

Moreover, each individual pupil has to undergo various quality and test

readiness before sitting a school test or exam. Each tutor regardless of

location is required to comply with our Improve international quality standards

as each session is delivered in compliance with these high-quality demands

and inspected regularly by qualified teachers. Free Trial Session


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