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Will / Shall-2

You use I’ll/I will when you offer something or decide to do something:




I’ll carry the shopping bags inside. (you have offered/decided to carry the shopping bags)
I will ring my sister tomorrow. (you have decided to ring your sister)
I will try to behave. (you have decided to behave)
I’ll go to sleep at 9pm. (you have decided the time you’re going to sleep)
I’ll cook on the weekend. (you have offered/decided to cook)


We often say I think I’ll…. when we decide to do something:




I think I’ll go swimming tomorrow.
I think I’ll sleep in on Sunday morning.
I think I’ll wake up early tomorrow morning.
I think I’ll sit outside in the sun.
I think I’ll read a book and a relax.
I think I’ll make myself a cup of tea.


We often say I don’t think I’ll…. when we decide to do something:




I don’t think I’ll go out tonight.
I don’t think I’ll invite Joshua to my birthday party.
I don’t think I’ll go to the supermarket today.
I don’t think I’ll phone your grandma now.
I don’t think I’ll order food tonight.


We do not use the present simple in the following:




I’ll phone you tomorrow. (not I phone you tomorrow)

I think I’ll go out to eat tonight. (not I think I go out to eat tonight)


More examples:


Present simple 
I sleepI think I’ll sleep early tonight. (not I think I sleep early tonight.)
I goI think I’ll go for a jog tomorrow morning. (not I think I go for a jog tomorrow morning.)
I jumpI’ll jump on the trampoline with you. (not I jump on the trampoline with you.)


We do not use I’ll for something you have decided before:



I’m working on Saturday. (not I’ll work on Saturday.) …Because you have already decided that you are going to be working on Saturday

More examples:


I’m going to the cinema tonight. (not I’ll go the cinema tonight)
I’m going to watch television tonight. (not I’ll watch television tonight)
I’m driving to work tomorrow. (not I’ll drive to work tomorrow)
I’m catching the bus to school tomorrow. (not I’ll catch the bus to school tomorrow)



Shall I / Shall we ?

When we ask questions beginning with ‘Shall I’ or ‘Shall we’, you’re asking if you think this is a good idea/thing to do.




Mum: What are you doing tonight?

Emma: Nothing. Shall we go swimming?

(Emma is asking mum if she thinks it’s good idea to go swimming)


More examples:


Shall I invite Thomas to my birthday party?
Shall I go to sleep now?
Shall I call you later?
Shall I open the window?
Shall we go out for dinner tonight?
Where shall we order food from?
What shall I wear to Emma’s party?
When shall we come over to your house?
Shall we go to the park?



Will / Shall   2  Exercises..


   1. Use the words given to create sentences beginning with I’ll…


  • (carry/shopping bags) __________________________________________________________________________________

  • (help/you/babysit) ___________________________________________________________________________________

  • (phone/you/tomorrow) ___________________________________________________________________________________

  • (clean/bedroom/later) ___________________________________________________________________________________

  • (cook/dinner/tomorrow/evening) ___________________________________________________________________________________


  1. Complete the following sentences.


  • I think I’ll ______________________________________________________________________

  • I think I’ll ______________________________________________________________________

  • I think I’ll ______________________________________________________________________

  • I don’t think I’ll __________________________________________________________________

  • I don’t think I’ll _________________________________________________________________

  • I don’t think I’ll __________________________________________________________________


  1. For each of the statements suggest a question you could ask beginning with Shall I / Shall we…?


  • The phone is ringing. _______________________________________________________________

  • It is very hot inside this house. _______________________________________________________

  • We are going to a party tonight. ______________________________________________________

  • We are hungry. ___________________________________________________________________

  • It is raining and we need to go out. ____________________________________________________

  • We want to go horse riding tomorrow. _________________________________________________



Challenge: The following sentences are incorrect because they have the present simple. Your job is to change the sentences so that they are correct.


  • I go swimming tonight _______________________________________________________________

  • I think I wake up early tomorrow morning ________________________________________________

  • I phone you later ____________________________________________________________________

  • I don’t think I go out tonight ___________________________________________________________


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