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Worked/got/went etc (past simple)

Worked/got/went etc (past simple)

They jump on the trampoline every day. (= present simple)

They jumped on the trampoline yesterday. (= past simple)


When using the past simple, the spelling of the verb does not change whether you use I/we/you/they/he/she/it


  • I jumped

  • We jumped

  • You jumped

  • They jumped

  • He jumped

  • She jumped

  • It jumped


For regular verbs to convert it from the present tense to the past tense you add -ed


  • rain – rained

  • work – worked

  • stay – stayed

  • shower – showered

  • remember – remembered

  • promise – promised


Present tense verbPast tense verb (add -ed)Present simple examplePast simple example
waitwaitedI wait for my brother to come down for breakfast.I waited for my brother to come down for breakfast.
watchwatchedI watch television.I watched television.
cleancleanedThey clean their own bedroom.They cleaned their own bedroom.
startstartedI start work tomorrow.I started work yesterday.
enjoyenjoyWe enjoy school.We enjoyed school yesterday.
walkwalkedI walk to town.I walked to town.
cookcookedI cook dinner on Fridays.I cooked dinner on Friday.


With some verbs, you cannot add -ed to make them past tense verbs. These verbs are known as irregular verbs.


Present simplePast simplePresent simplePast simplePresent simplePast simple
RunRan DriveDroveThinkThought
TakeTook HideHid TellTold
ThrowThrew SeeSawWearWore
BuildBuiltWriteWrote SaySaid
StinkStankTryTried StudyStudied
CopyCopied StopStopped PlanPlanned
GetGot HearHeard LoseLost


The past simple of ‘to read’ is ‘read’ however it is pronounced as ‘red’ in the past simple.

I read a book every morning. (=present simple)

I read a book yesterday. (= past simple, read is pronounced as red)


Examples of past simple sentences:

Here are plenty more irregular past tense verbs.

Look online if you want to find out some more!


  • I woke up late yesterday.

  • I forgot to wake up Toby for school.

  • She caught the ball.

  • He led us to the park.

  • They won the football match

  • We copied their homework.

  • I studied really hard for my exams.

  • You lost the tennis racket.

  • They spelt the word wrong.

  • The teacher taught me how to paint.

  • My brother heard mum shouting at my sister.

  • She got new shoes.

  • It stank in the school toilets.

  • it snowed yesterday



Worked/got/went etc Exercises..


  1. Change the following regular verbs into past simple.


  • visit __________

  • target __________

  • treat __________

  • pour __________

  • jump __________

  • rain __________

  • snow __________

  • walk _________

  • wait _________


  1. Change following irregular verbs into past simple.


  • stand _________

  • feel _________

  • try _________

  • study _________

  • ran _________

  • stop _________

  • admit _________

  • catch _________

  • threw _________

  • hear _________


  1. Create past simple sentences using the verb given.


  • enjoy _____________________________________________________________

  • wake _____________________________________________________________

  • build _____________________________________________________________

  • clean _____________________________________________________________

  • drink _____________________________________________________________

  • tell ______________________________________________________________

  • watch ____________________________________________________________

  • spell _____________________________________________________________


Challenge: Find the past simple for the following irregular verbs:

withdraw, understand, take, sting, spend, shoot, learn, feed, dig, arise



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