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Activity 1

Have a think about what you could write a review about. Then think about

the different ways you could present the review e.g positive, negative.


Topic Angle
A New Book/Film 1. It is a triumph, a wonderful thing, everybody loves
2. It hasn’t been as successful as hoped, the story
is lacking.
3. You can’t decide if it is good or bad it’s too early
to tell. Maybe the sequel will be better.
Your Favourite Book/Film 1. What a good story it is, how interesting the plot is
and its creative characters
2. How the book would make a good movie and the
movie a good book.
3. Looking forward to the rest of the series.
4. Persuading other people to read/watch it.
Recent Holiday1. It was amazing, lovely weather, nice views, good
hotel, beautiful place, inexpensive – you would
2. It was horrible, delayed flights, hotel wasn’t a
good standard, terrible weather – you would
never go again.
3. Explore both positive and negative aspects –
overall a satisfactory holiday.
Sporting Event1. Review the performance of the players/an
individual player in particular
2. How they played really well, secured a place in
the final etc.
3. How badly they played together, didn’t work as a
team the effect this has for other games.
Theme Park1. Lovely day out, lots of choice, queues were short,
reasonably priced, nice food, good family trip.
2. Bad weather, rides out of order, couldn’t get a
refund, people were ill, long queues in the rain.
Museum/Historical Place1. Interesting and informative, learnt lots, good
price, educational
2. Boring, not very interactive
Mobile Phone 1. Top of the range, good contract deal, can do
everything, lightweight, smart, compact
2. Expensive, not as good as thought it would be,
easily damaged
Hair products1. Work very well, live up to their description e.g
sensitive, gives volume, firm styling.
2. Don’t perform well e.g no volume, gel doesn’t
hold hair in place, disappointing and expensive.
Recipe1. Works well, easy to follow, cheap to make and
tastes good – family enjoy it
2. Expensive, hard to follow, tastes strange




1 2 3 4 5


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