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Writing to Advise

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Some Useful Techniques:


1. Rhetorical Questions

2. Emotive Language

3. Power of 3

4. Repetition

5. Facts and Figures

6. Opinion

7. Anecdotes (personal stories)

8. Sophisticated vocabulary

9. Irony/Sarcasm

10. Oxymoron

11. Jargon (words specific to your topic e.g wifi is specific to technology)

12. Pun

13. Direct address


How can you structure and plan a Writing to Advise text?


1. Before you begin writing a text you must always plan it. Take 5-10 minutes

    to collect your ideas and form a coherent plan. By doing this you can

    organised your thoughts and prevent unnecessary repetition.

2. Use the helpful acronym GMAPS to help you plan your Writing to Persuade text.


Each letter represents an important aspect you must consider

to write a successful argument.

⇒  G = Genre
⇒  M = Mode
⇒  A = Audience
⇒  P = Purpose
⇒  S = Style

1 2 3 4 5 6 7


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