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Writing to Argue

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PointsTechniquesSentence Starters
1. What do you know
about tribes?
2. Documentaries are
not accurate
3. Often people want to
be on TV.
4. Tribes often don’t
want to be on TV.
5. Tourists and TV
crews disturb
primitive tribes.6. Not all tourists and
TV crews are like
7. We damage tribes
when we expose
Rhetorical Question: Have
you heard or seen many
tribes in your life? Have
you experienced their
culture or way of life?
Examples: Common
examples of these people
are Katie Price, Kerry
Katona and the Osbourne
Balanced argument: It
would not be fair to say,
List of 3: Katie Price, Kerry
Katona, the Osbourne
Sophisticated Vocabulary:
vulnerable, primitive,
genuine, consequently,
unlawfully exerted.
Exclamatives: just switch on
Reality TV!
A) For the majority of
B) If you are
C)Many believe…
D) Some people…
E) Common
E) However…
F) Conversely…
G) Besides…


There is a clear difference in quality between the two

examples. To create a successful argument you must:


A) Include a variety of techniques

B) Plan well and stick to your plan

C) Use a variety of sentence starters

D) Make sure you points are well explained and evidenced

E) Make sure you write according to your target audience

F) Read over it once finished to check that your points are coherent and flow


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