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Writing to Persuade

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Step 2: The “Spider” Plan


The GMAPS plan is very useful for outlining the format but it does not help

you to plan the content. The “spiders” plan is what you should use to help

you plan the content which is what will be the basis of your persuasive text.

Your persuasive argument should be one-sided in favor of your particular 

opinion, you do not need to present the opposite.




1. In the circles (the spider’s body) you write the point you are going to


2. The spiders legs then make up the sub-points, sentence starters and

rhetorical devices you are going to use in each point.

3. You should aim to have 3-4 good strong points to make a strong persuasive



The GMAPS plan should take 1-2 minutes to prepare leaving you 7-8

minutes to work on your Spider Plan. You should take more time on this

plan and think carefully as this is the body of your persuasive. Your points all

need to be different to each other.


Here is an example to give you an idea. There is an example GMAPS and

an example Spider plan and then part of an answer.

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