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Writing to Persuade

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Question: The government have decided to get rid of exam resists and the

                    opportunity to take exams early in the January of each year.

                    Write a speech to give to your year group persuading them that

                    the decision is for the best or will damage their potential





After you have made your plans the next thing you need to think about is

writing it.

The first part and the most important part is the Introduction. This is where

you introduce your stance on the topic to the person/people you are

addressing. It should be concise and well thought out.


Nice greeting to the audience.
Good use of direct address, makes the audience
Rhetorical questions
Two sets of lists of3. 3 rhetorical Q’s and 3 statements.
Possessive but
endearing, puts
them as one group.
Exclamatory for
effect – remember it
is a speech so it will be heard.
Summarises exactly what will follow, so
they know what to expect.
Fellow Students, it is a privilege to be able to address you today on what I feel to be a rather important, and as you will all be aware, highly contested topic.
The government’s move to abolish January examinations last year caused an uproar in the student body nationwide. What right had they to take away our resits? Our opportunities to take exams
early? Surely our grades will go down? We will be more stressed.The summer term will become the nightmare term of the school year. And the summer term of year eleven will be a nightmare nobody wants to think about.My dear classmates I am here to push these worries out of your mind and reassure you that the government’s decision was not a Hasty and irrational one. It was a well thought out, brilliant move
that will benefit each and every student it has affected.
Lower our grades? Not a chance! It will increase them. More stress? Of course not. Nightmare terms? Well isn’t every term a nightmare already? Let me explain to you now and persuade you that this decision is nothing to be afraid of, it has our best
interests at heart.


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