Australia: ESL Education in Crisis





The Australian government is facing crisis as  1 in 5 students should be getting English language support – a total of 47,000 students are missing out on improving literacy skills.


The worst hit are those with English as a  second language and the tens of academics have written a letter of complaint to Premier Mike Baird, warning that tens of thousands of pupils whose first language is not English are not receiving the critical help to build the skills, “the social and academic language they need to succeed in NSW government schools”.



“These students are not receiving the help they should be getting,” says, Improve Tuition CEO Faheem Hussain.


Only two thirds of students are receiving the help they should be getting.


“This means that the English language learning needs of some 47,086 students were unable to be met in that year,” the letter says.



“The premier needs to increase the budget for  enabling teaching assistance to ESL student to meet their needs,” says Improve Tuition CEO, Faheem Hussain.


“Australia’s future economic growth depends on maintaining strong immigration yet if you do not put in the infrastructure, it does not become an investment but a liability,” Dr Michell said.


The Education Department did report that just under 900 teaching assistance  has been allocated to the greatest reported levels of  need and that the new model addressed this issue and was taking measures to close the gap.


Rachel Carter is Australia’s online tutoring specialist for Improve Tuition Australia.