Life in War-Torn Yemen Escalates, Families Risk the Basics

As life in conflict stricken Yemen escalated, basic schooling and housing could be denied.


Mohamed Hussein Al-Urkadi, 37, lives in Sa’ada with his three children have been attending school in Ghadeer, 11, is still ready. Now they could risk living in  ruins once again if his family’s 750 years house could be destroyed again.  

Worst still to the wider community, the infrastructure damage of the schools in Yemen, the resources that could be destroyed and the loss of teaching time children receive is putting conflict stricken Yemeni children at further future risk as basic literacy and numeracy skills could be denied at a crucial age affecting a generation of pupils.


As Yemen falls into further conflict, and Saudi Arabia’s air strikes leads Yemen into a downward spiral once again which could further displace families as they loose their loved ones in conflict and mums and children could loose their homes.


Charlie Barnett is an English Online Tutor for Saudi Arabia pupils.