SEC. 1 B : There are 10 questions in this test. Give your self 10 minutes to answer them all.


1. Express the number one thousand and ninety one in figures

2. Takeaway ¾ of 40p from £ 11.20. £

3. Take away 6g from the sum of 64 and 9

4. Alan paid for his food with a £5 note the received £2.35 change .How much did Alan’s food cost?

5. Takeaway 51 from 119

6. Takeaway the sum of 16 and 2 from £1.82

7. Alan train leave at 12.40 pm the arrive at this destination at 4.20pm. How long was Alan’s train journey?

8. Zain start revising at 11am. He finishes revising at 13:49.How long did zain revise for?

9. Write the following as a regular fraction in its lowest terms?

10. Alan buy an apple which cobs 82p. its pay with pay with a £1 coin.
Which 3 coin are given to him as change