SEC. 1 B : There are 10 questions in this test. Give your self 10 minutes to answer them all.


1. Round up 1750 g to the nearest whole kg

2. Round up 5litre 450ml to the nearest whole litre

3. Round up 2 litre 275 ml to the nearest whole litre.

4. By how many time is £2.20 divisible by 20.

5. How many second are there in the following times:

6. 1kg of rice cobs £1.28. How much will 3 ½ kg of rice cost

7. How many 5’s are equivalent to 45p?

8. How many hours are there in the 4 days?

9. If 6 rose’s cost £3.60 how must doe one cost?

10. 2kg of potatoes cost £2.40. How much doe 500g of potatoes cost