SEC. 1 B : There are 10 questions in this test. Give your self 10 minutes to answer them all.


1. What is the sum of thirty one four thousand give your answer in figures

2. Alan pays for his drink which cost £1.19 with a £5 note. How change does Alan get?

3. Phil has a 20p coin, 50p coin and a £1 coin in his parcel. What is the total sum of the money Alan has in his pocket? Express your  answer is

4. One apple cobs 25p.Find the cost of 12 apples

5. Express the number four thousand and thirty one, in numbers

6. Alan buy three apple at the total price of £4. He pay with a £10 note. How much change should Alan get?

7. 11 potatoes cost  £220. How much does one potato cost?

8. What sum of money must be added to £1.49 to make £5?

9. A train to Newcastle from Huddersfield takes 4hr 20min. John catches the 5.30am train at what time does john arrive at Newcastle?

10. 3 televisions cost £900. Find the cost of 2.Show your working cost