SEC. 1 B : There are 12 questions in this test. Give your self 10 minutes to answer them all.


1. Gulam buys a chocolate from the bar which cost 79p . He pay with a 20 note. How much change does Gulam get?

2. Bob’s bank balance is £30. Zain’s bank balance is £7.50.By how many times greater is bob’s bank balance than Zain’s?

3. One cola bottle cobs £1. Alan pays with a £5 note. How much change doe he get?

4. ¼ of a number is 14. What was the original number? 

5. Takeaway £2.49 from £139

6. Minu 14 from the total sum of 28 and 14?

7. What is the remainder of 45 ÷ 8.

8. Write in figures the sum of thirty one and twenty nine.

9. Alan’s train journey is 6hr 34 mins long. He leave at 10.30 am at a what time does Alan at his destination?

10. Write in words the number which is 1/5 of 500 hun

11. Alans train journey is 6hr 49min.He leaves at 1.42pm. At What time does Alan arrive at his destination?

12. 6 biscuit cost £3.36. How much does one biscuit cost?