SEC. 1 B : There are 10 questions in this test. Give your self 10 minutes to answer them all.


1. How many gram must he added to 425g to make 2kg?

2. 1kg of strawberries cost £1.28. How much will 5 ½ kg of strawberries cost?

3. How many 50p coin are equivalent to £1.50?

4. By how many time is 3 smaller than 30?

5. One crisp packet cost £0.58. How much will is packet of crisp cost?

6. How many ml must be added to 3.25 litres to make 6.5 litres?

7. How many time greater is the 8 in ‘x’ than 8 in ‘y’?

8.  If a one metre strip cost £3.00. how much will a 50cm strip cost?

9. 5 pens cost £1.50 .how much doe one pen cost?

10. How many 25cm length are equivalent to 2m?

11. 250g of rice costs £1.39. How much will 1kg of rice cost?

12. By how many times greater is 3mm than 10mm?