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8 Ways A Child’s Anxiety Shows Up as Something Else


There are many ways you can see how anxiety can manifest says Gulamhusain Dabhad at Tutors in Bradford.


1. Difficulty Sleeping

Research has shown that difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep is one of the hallmark characteristics of anxiety. Anxious thoughts, in many kids, can keep them awake long after they should be asleep.


2. Anger

Anxiety occurs when there is over chronically and excessively worrying. It’s possible that when your child feels like there is a threat the fight or anger response is activated as a form of protection.


3. Defiance

There is nothing more frustrating to a child with anxiety than feeling like their life is out of control. It is easy to interpret the child’s defiance as a lack of discipline.

4. Chandeliering

A child who goes from calm to a full-blown tantrum without a reason has often been appearing “normal” on the surface, but will suddenly reach a point where they cannot hide their anxious feelings anymore and have a disproportionate reaction to something that triggers their anxiety.


5. Lack of Focus

Children with anxiety are often so caught up in their own thoughts that they do not pay attention to what is going on around them. This becomes a problem at school where children have to focus for long hours.


6. Avoidance

Children who are trying to avoid a particular person, place or task e.g. schoolwork will go to great lengths to avoid it.


7. Negativity

Children with anxiety are especially prone to negative thought patterns because they have not yet developed the ability to recognise a negative thought for what it is and turn it around by engaging in positive self-talk.


8. Overplanning

Preparing for every possibility is a way a child with anxiety takes control of an uncontrollable situation.