Evolution is the theory that organisms change over time. They change to adapt to their surroundings and ultimately they change to survive. This is where the term “Survival of the fittest” come in. Survival of the fittest is the process of natural selection where the ones that were the most adapted to a particular environment survived and those that were not, died.

Charles Darwin created the theory of evolution. Darwin studied plants and animals for nearly 30 years. He then wrote his ideas in his book, origin of species.

The theory of evolution also highlighted that in some way shape or form all organisms are related.
It illustrated that species with similar characteristics are often related for example chimpanzees and humans. These characteristics mean the two organisms often look alike and behave in similar ways.

Sometimes tow organisms may look alike but may be from completely different ancestors. An example for this is sharks and dolphins, which look alike but are not related. Evolutionary trees highlight this



Dolphins have a similar ancestor to the whale but only have a far ancestor to the shark