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APOSTROPHES AND OMISSIONS: occasionally words are merged together to make a shortened form (contraction).An apostrophe is placed where the letter is missed out, to indicate that a letter has been missed out.

Example  :




1. Put these words into their shortened form,remember to put in apostrophes in place of the missing letters.

• Did not

• Has not

• We have

• I have

• Lucy is

• You are

• I am



2.Here are some sentences ,turn the underlined words into contractions(shortened form)use apostrophes, to fill missing letters

• I have had a very long day today and i am very tired, so please do not talk to me.

• I have a lot of money in my jar so I am going to buy a toy car just like the one jenny has.



POSESSIVE APOSTROPHES: an apostrophe is also used when something belongs to someone. This is called a possessive apostrophe.

So instead of saying that the ball belongs to Hannah you can shorten the phrase by saying :

  • Hannah’s ball.

The apostrophe is placed after the name ,before the s.

However If it is not a person but a group of people (plural) and the word already ends in s then the apostrophe will be placed after the s not before.

Example  :

Apostrophes are very important because they shorten long words and phrases.

Sometimes the group (plurals)may not end in s .you would add the s aswell as the apostrophe before the s.

Example :

Remember that many plurals naturally end in an s .so an apostrophe is not needed .Apostrophes simply fill in the missing letters ,caused by merging words together or to show possession.


Example :





1. The sentences below all contain possessions. Rewrite the sentences below using apostrophes

• The TV belonging to Harriet .

• The book belonging to mum

• The coat of Miss Maple.

• The walls of the house.



2. write the apostrophes in the correct place,some may not need an apsotrope as they are plurals.

• I have many books and toys

• That’s the womans coat

• The boys jumpers

• The chefs hats

• The teachers staffroom


Is a key skill, to make sure that your writing is free of any mistakes.
Proof reading is checking your sentences to see if all your punctuation is correct such as full stops, capital letters, question marks, exclamation marks etc.


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