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Exclamations and exclamation marks

EXCLAMATIONS: short words that show strong emotions.. Exclamations show the reader that strong feelings of anger, excitement, fear etc are being expressed.

EXCLAMATION MARKS: are placed at the end of a sentence that needs to be exaggerated.

Example  :





1. Decide whether the sentences below need an exclamation mark or a full stop

• Suddenly everyone screamed LOOK OUT

• Twenty pounds to be won today

• Fizzy drinks are bad for your teeth

• She closed the door with a loud bang

• I went to the doctors



2. Write an exclamation, based on the scenarios below.

Example: falling off a cliff = HELP!

• You have broken a glass

• You are drowning

• Someone has made a huge mess in your room

• You accidentally stab your finger with a pen.





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