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Full stops and capital letters

full stops tell us where a sentence ends .it is placed at the end of a sentence. To mark the act that it has finished.

Example  :

Full stops are very important .Without a pause (.) the sentence will not make sense. Full stops separate words, missing them out could cause confusion.

CAPITAL LETTERS: Tell us where a sentence starts, it is used at the start of a sentence. It is also used at the beginning of:

  • Names e.g. John
  • Places e.g. Hawaii
  • Holidays e.g. Christmas, Easter
  • Days of the week and months of the year e.g. Monday ,January
  • Titles of people e.g. Mr.
  • Films, books and television e.g. The Incredible
  • Names of organizations .e.g. McDonalds ,I phone




1. Read each line and decide where to put the full stops and capital letters

• i like cheese but not all cheeses are nice

• the girl waited the taxi was very late

• georgina is nice to me i like her very much

• mermaids have tails to help them swim

• my friend was very late to school she had to run



2. Write two sentences including full stops and capital letters ,start with the phrases below.

• The police

• Sport is

• A woman appeared holding

• Animals need



3. Add a capital letter where it is needed in the sentences below:

• jennifer wanted to go to nandos ,but it was closed on sundays so she could not go.

• mr stone was very upset,because everybody in class 3 failed their math test.

• heather couldn’t decide whether to buy a mercededz or a audi.

• At christmas we like to go and watch Christmas movies at the cinema. this year we are going to watch homealone 3.




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